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His answer came readily. "I am known by those here as the Magician of the blue darkness. Long ago, I worked in service of the King." "The King!" I gasped. "I seek the King! I fear he is being held captive here."

The Magician laughed at me. "If he were here, I would know it instantly," he said. "His mere presence would bring back the daylight and make life grow once again." I gazed around in dismay. "I suppose you are right." "Twilight time, to dream awhile, unveils a deepening blue. As nature bows down her head, see what tomorrow brings."

"Surely you must have some control here? You are a magician, after all. Can you do nothing to brighten the land?" He seemed to think a moment. "In twilight time, dream with me a while." I realized he had a story to share. I nodded. He closed his eyes, and in deep concentration he waved an arm over his head, flashing brilliant color above us for a brief moment.

He chanted: "Hark listen here he comes... Turning, spinning, catherine wheeling, forever changing, there's no beginning... Speeding through a charcoal sky, observe the truth we cannot lie."

Suddenly, the boat began to turn, slowly at first, gradually faster, and then with a jolt we flew up into the air-- and my stomach lurched. I shut my eyes tight in fear, clasping on to the sides of the boat. My guide laughed gaily. "Floating free as a bird, sixty-foot leaps it's so absurd. From up here you should see the view, such a lot of space for me and you. Oh you'll like it."

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