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Finally, I opened my eyes: the stars loomed large and bright and so numerous all around, everywhere, from up here... "Gliding around, with your feet off the ground," he continued. "Now I know how it feels to have wings on my heels, to take a stroll among the stars."

Then I looked down: fields of gray, bare trees, the gloomy river, rows of rundown houses. He pointed to them-- "Along the coast you'll hear them boast about a light they say that shines so clear, as all around the milling crowd confuse themselves with raging sounds and their love's forgetfulness abounds. Will tomorrow be the same? I know that they're really not to blame. If they weren't so blind then surely they'd see there's a much better way for them to be."

"I'm sorry they won't listen to you," I said. "So then you do have the power to transform this place?" He sighed. "I'm just a man. That's all I am," he replied softly. "Traveling eternity road, searching to find a peace of mind, time seems to stand quite still. My boat sails stormy seas, battles oceans filled with tears. I've still not found what I'm looking for. There are times when I think I've found the truth, there are times when I know that I'm wrong, and the days when I try to hide my fears. Bless the days when I'm feeling strong. And with tomorrow what will become of me? Wonder why we try so hard, wonder why we try at all, when in the end it won't matter at all."

I frowned in disbelief. "You don't really believe that. I can see in your eyes-- you really do care about this place... I bet it was once beautiful." As I looked out over the dark countryside, suddenly the sun rose directly above us and shone with a brilliance I hadn't seen in decades-- the trees grew large multi-shaped leaves and the grass turned green.

Shocked, I turned to the Magician-- he was chanting under his breath again waving his arms before him-- "This was what the land looked like before the blue darkness," he said. "I know you won't believe me but I'm certain that I did see a mouse playing daffodil." "What?" "Really! Look." As we flew closer down to the river, I saw a hill growing and spreading out under a beautiful tree. "And it seems worth noting water rats were boating as a lark began to sing. And sounds kept coming with Jack Rabbit loudly strumming on the side of a biscuit tin." I could almost hear an orchestra as wildlife began appearing around the tree. "And the bees are humming to a frog sat strumming on a guitar with only one string. Silver minnows were devising water ballet so surprising. A mole came up blinking underneath an owl who's thinking how he came to be sat on a hill." We hovered a while above the tree, just out of sight, and enjoyed the performance.

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