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His fingers danced across the piano and slowly the golden gate began to open, rising just high enough for me to walk through. "I can't thank you enough for your kindness, Gatekeeper," I said. "Is there anything I should know about this place before I begin searching for the King?"

He pondered a moment. "A look down life's hallways, doorways to lead you there," he said. "The ship to take you there is waiting at the head of the stairs that lead up through your opened mind." As I peered through the gate, I could see ahead a wide river. A small ferry, and its driver, stood idle watching and waiting for me.

I stepped through the gate and heard the Gatekeeper call to me: "Wait! There's one other thing." I turned. "When all the stars are falling down and angry voices carry on the wind, a beam of light will fill your head and you'll remember what's been said by all the good men this world's ever known. Another man is what you'll see, who looks like you and looks like me, and yet somehow he will not feel the same."

I frowned, but thought better than to question a generous gatekeeper. I bowed a thank you and headed for the ferry. As the gate began to reclose, I could hear the melancholy piano again and the Gatekeeper's haunting voice: "Time quickly passes by, if only we could talk again. Someday I hope I'll see you smiling when you're a free man again. High on a mountainside we laughed and talked of things to come. Someway I know I'll see you shining when we're all free men again..."

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