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"Do you understand that all over this land there's a feeling? In minds far and near, things are becoming clear with a meaning. Wonders of a lifetime right there before your eyes... So breathe in deep, you're not asleep, open your mind. You're here today, no future fears. This day will last a thousand years, if you want it to--"

"I'm sorry," I interrupted him. "Maybe you didn't hear me. I wish to enter the house of four doors." He stopped playing but did not look at me. "Why do you come here?" he asked. He sounded somewhat curious although still perturbed.

"As you well know, the blue darkness has ravaged the land. I know that only the King can save us. I am on a quest to find him. My travels have brought me here." "You believe the King is inside?" "My suspicions believe so."

The man swung around in his chair to face me. "Many have come before you on the same quest: they entered the house of four doors and remained there. Not one who has entered has left." Undaunted, I said, "All the more reason the King could be inside. I must find him. I will get into this house with or without your cooperation."

He gazed at me a long time, studied my face closely, looking for some sign of a trick, of insincerity, of weakness. Finally, he smiled at me knowingly. "Each day has its always," he said mysteriously. "It's all a dream, light passing by on a screen, and there's you and I on a beam. We ride the waves... Distances gone, will we find out? You've got to make the journey out and in." He gave a nod. "I will allow you to pass."

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