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Enter in all ye who seek to find within
As the plaque said on the last door

No one answered, so I knocked again, repeatedly, and finally after much wavering I opened the door-- and nearly fell backward at the sight directly before me. A huge figure, with sallow skin and deep dark eyes, eclipsed the light behind him, his frame filling the doorway. He wore bright, polished armor that hurt my eyes, and about his head sat genuine gold. He looked surprised to see me and said nothing. I could barely speak myself-- recognition dawned on me so clearly--

"Glory be!" I managed to cry. "I have found you at last!" I fell on my knees and bowed my head to his feet. "My lord, you have no idea how long I have searched and what I have gone through to find you. I hope you have not been harmed or mistreated in any way. The people need you so desperately-- they will be overjoyed to hear of your return."

The man seemed not to have heard me. He said curtly: "Rise, let us see you." He said nothing more. Confused, I looked up at him slowly. Deep creases surrounded his mouth as he frowned, his large frightened eyes beseeched me. Quickly, I stood. The man stared at me a long time with wide eyes, as if taking in my entire being in that one glance. Then very cautiously he gestured for me to come in. I stepped inside and he closed the door. Complete darkness-- I could see nothing.

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