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His laugh stopped short. "You need me," he said seriously. And he proceeded to do a series of cartwheels. I couldn't help but laugh myself. "You are absolutely mad!" I said. "How could I possibly need you?"

"For some short time for a while you and I were joined to eternity. Then we split in two back to me and you. We all can see what we shall be, but knowing's really not controlling. With time perhaps we'll pass the traps and find some peace and understanding. You'll always end up coming through, but you'll find yourself lost in space now and again. But you have to have a world you can live in, not a world where all hope is gone. And as long as we are here together, we'll try to build a home for the free. Life is here, love will come in the end, give it time. There's wonders still to do."

I studied the Jester carefully. He smiled at me stupidly, and I found it difficult to take him seriously. In spite of his playfulness, he seemed like an earnest fellow and I decided to trust him. "All right, friend," I said. "What do you propose to do?"

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