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He giggled and jumped up and down. "I know why you're here," he said. "Vast vision must improve our sight. Perhaps at last we'll see an end to our homes' endless blight and the beginning of the free. Climbing to tranquillity, finding its real worth, conceiving the heavens, flourishing on Earth." He looked at me knowingly. "I can take you to him," he whispered playfully.

"What? You mean the King? You know where the King is?" He nodded fervently. "Come with me!" He pranced off into the woods, his colorless hat flopping about his shoulders. I had to run to keep up, listening for the ringing of his bells. All signs of my fatigue had worn off by the time I caught up to him. Out of breath, I asked, "How do you know the King is here?"

He stopped prancing and looked at me. "This garden universe vibrates complete. Some, we get a sound so sweet. Vibrations reach on up to become light. Between the eyes and ears there lie the sounds of color and the light of a sigh." He came up to me and pointed a finger at my forehead. "It's all around if we could but perceive. Beauty to find in so many ways." He laughed and started skipping away.

"I should have known you would say something like that," I muttered. "But we decide which is right and which is an illusion!" he called back to me. He threw in a cartwheel for good measure. I started running after him again.

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