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Welcome to New Horizons

A spiritual cyber-haven for Moody Blues fans

New Horizons is an email list dedicated to exploring the emotional, soul-enriching aspects of Moody Blues'music. Members of the list are a "family," A People With One Heart, and we gather together to escape the "nightmare come true" of daily life.

Here on New Horizons, we talk openly of the spirituality in Moody Blues lyrics, and in our lives..The more "common" conversations in life are best kept to other Moody BBS's and mailing lists. New Horizons is the place where more philosophical matters can be discussed, without fear of being "flamed" or unjustly criticized.

We can have fun, though...We do joke with each other, we do have online parties where frivolity is the "rule"..One can be serious to a fault...There have to be some light moments in everyone's life! Concert reviews are also welcomed, as there is always someone on the list who hasn't attended "your" show! We try to keep away, however, from talk of stage clothing and such..The music is the true focus of our list.

Come join us as we walk this Highway towards the future! Just send an email to Julie B., the list owner/administrator.

Many New Horizons are waiting for your discovery, and we hope you'll share some dreams with us, too!