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Aletheia awoke to the sound of her favorite band playing one
of her favorite songs emanating from her clock radio which
had followed through with its programed purpose of the
waking the owner out of slumber, right at the specified time
which the person desired so that he or she could increase
the chances of getting somewhere on time, probably to
somewhere that he or she would just as soon skip, in favor
of just being allowed to stay in bed.
That sound of Justin Hayward singing "Wake up in the morning to yourself, open
your eyes and start to be you" affected Aletheia on this
occasion more so than she ever remembered a Moody Blues song
doing before.

Surely this was a magic moment for her, and she felt her spirit filled with
awe and beauty and that this must be a portent for something strange, yet
wonderful to come.  Her mind raced with possibilities as she rose to face
the new day.

Feeling rather badly, but oddly; and with kind've a sense of
twilight murky strangeness or something, that sort of seemed to offer an
encompassing canopy of Possibilities in the back center of her being, she
managed the long trek up and out of bed. Woozily approaching her mirror on
the wall, she noticed she looked - different.

As she starts to prepare for the day, she rememebers a dream.  She suddenly
stops 'doing' and finds herselp reliving this again inside of her mind.

... Her mind raced with possibilities as she rose to face the new day.

Quickly shifting her gaze to the lamps on either side of the mirror,
back to the mirror, then over her shoulder to encompass the entire
room then back, again, to her mirror, she confirmed that first thought
which had dropped anchor, unbidden, in her mind the moment that she
perceived her reflected countenance in the glass. She remembered those
occult sort of theories, and wondered if they were valid, about a
person having a life they were born to and a life they'd made, and how
each life was reflected in half of the face, the left side showing one
's fated life, the right side showing life as it was lived; or was it
the other way around?
(Carol B)

She took another look around the room as the fog cleared from her head. This
is not the same room! She was not the same person! What was going on here?

Although , Aletheia was accustom to hearing lines from Moody Blues songs
often play in her head. Sometimes the same line would repeat over and
over through the day.

Aletheia felt a need to change her  position and moved from indoors to her
rear deck where she looked out on her garden and beyond that, a dark green
lawn and beyond that, the forest. The trees beckoned to her and a door in
her mind cracked open with the first few rays of light - just a glimmer of
understanding beaming into her consiousness - today would be a fresh start
in a never before travelled direction!

She felt a twinge of excitement growing deep within her, a tickle of a
wizard's wand tingling up her spine.  As she gazed at the trees in the
fields beyond, she felt the door open wider.  For too long those trees had
been steadfast-the memory of how to let them draw her near washed over her
and she cried-dawn truly was a feeling.

As she considered the double-meaning in Justin's lyric she began thinking of
the other times she'd heard lyrics that had meaning in her life and wondered,
"How else might this have been meant. One song that came to mind was,
"Children of Paradise," in which she'd seen the words, "by the grace of love
be still."

Mindless of the clock, she went to the shelf, where she kept her records and
CD's and pulled out, "View From The Hill." She wanted to know if the word,
"love" was capitalized.
(Bill H.)

She thought herself silly for wanting to pin someone's
lyrics down in such a rigid way, hoping she'd discover in
someone else's words what she might someday find out for
herself, if only she cared to make the effort. Aletheia
headed back toward the door again, not even hesitating this
time as she passed Out And In toward those beautiful trees,
which was, by the way, completely opposite of the direction
of her job, where she was supposed to be in only 45 minutes.

She knew that time hurried on, that if she turned around it would be gone,
that it just would not wait for anyone, but she decided to live for the
moment.  Just as she threw herself into the welcoming arms of nature, the
phone rang.


To her, there was more important things occurring right now than a job for
she knew  deep within her, that she needed to follow  a new path, a new
direction which would change her life forever.  And as she traveled on, she
felt her soul sing...for the first time in decades.


And so she did the most natural thing and began to sing.  She lifted her
voice up to the heavens with a newfound hope as she sang "So fly little
bird, up into the clear blue sky ..."

The next morning as she gazed out her kitchen window, she spotted the
mysterious new neighbor across the street staring at her house again.
Aletheia wondered  why he was so allusive.

As the feeling grew inside of her, that of those trees...drawing her near, she
appreciated the means by which "Forever Tuesday" might have come over Justin.
Sometimes one just must take the time to appreciate nature.

She felt the pull from the other direction too, of obligation and the nead to
compete and produce. She closed her eyes, feeling the freshness of the cool
morning dew and the light breeze as it gently disturbed the leaves.
She heard the birds and Buster, John's and Cathy's Irish Setter, nest door, bark at a squirrel as it appeared to fly from the roof of their house to a tree branch.

She turned and proceded to her car, searching for her keys.
(Bill H.)

All at once she knew who she was! She could see herself in balance with her surroundings and decided it was just the kind of day to leave herself behind. Shirking the self imposed responsibilities of her so called existence. She decided, "today is my day and I will create a new adventure for myself."
Aletheia opened the door to "Merlin", the name she had given her old VW and closed her eyes as she turned the key, hoping the ancient engine would kick over on today of all days; after all, what good what an adventure do if she couldn't even get out of her own driveway?

At the sound of the engine roaring into life with an sense of renewal, as though even the car somehow sensed a change in the winds of time, Althea cautiously opened her eyes. "Ut-oh," she whispered in amazement. "I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore, Toto."

She knew it would be a long, long highway she would travel down, and she wished that someone would take this place on this trip just for her. She felt so lost in a lost world, with her mind turning, spinning, forever changing, and as she entered her car, she knew she could never go home anymore.

The trees had, indeed, been calling her near, but the trees
she saw around her car weren't ordinary trees.  For one
thing, these trees had leaves that were shaped like hearts!
In front of her car, there was a path that lead the way
through the fairyland of love.  Cautously, Aletheia got out
of her car, and started traveling along the path.

After she'd traversed no more than fifty feet of path her cell phone rang. 
she contemplated ignoring it but she was a responsible sales director. She knew
she had that appointment with Mr. Kinkaid, of Service-One in fifteen minutes,
to discuss the half-million dollar order  for cellular equipment Aletheia's
company manufactured. They were contemplating the purchase to replace aging
communications equipment in their service fleet. Aletheia was sure she could
close the deal today. The phone rang urgently. She looked down the path. The
sun, as it shown through the tree-canopy, made an unusual spectacle of light
dancing off the fallen leaves, glistening with morning dew. Then she saw it;
(Bill H)

an optical illusion; a mere trick of the light? But as she approached it, the reality of what she saw did not diminish. (geo)

Almost in an hypnotic state she walks closer and closer, feeling the calling as getting ever more stronger. Suddenly, the cell phone brashly rings again. jarring her delicate senses to a jagged edge.

The "optical illusion" suddenly became crystal clear, and, standing before Aletheia was a most familiar person, but in the personage of a wizard. She blinked with surprise, then said, "Are you Ray Thomas?" The wizard smiled and answered, "I am whoever you want me to be." With a wave of his wand, which looked suspiciously like a flute, Aletheia's cell phone and car disappeared, leaving her without her material links to "reality."

"Come with me down Eternity Road, " the wizard said. "There are countless discoveries awaiting your attention." As he turned and started walking, Aletheia had no choice but to follow.

'A mellow-relaxed, safe and secure, feeling suddenly cradled her as an utterly beautiful purple-blue azure sky opened in front of and all around her with soft billowy whites floating ever so gently, scattered across here and there. Awesome and all encompasing, she gasped! There were flowers and trees all around(!) - glistening, and ever so bright green leaves, shimmering, giving off what seemed like sparks(!), energies of another order, shooting off at her - Love Stars?'

A full array of animal life congregated itself around her. An owl, the wistom of the forest, considered this. Seldom, in his existence with humans, had he experienced such a profound sense of peace and confidence. Never had he seen them all together; but neither had he ever witnessed such a spectacle as this atmosphere the girl generated. A kind of love. What would it take to maintain this?
(Bill H.)

Then a radiating light super imposed on all that she saw. The light seemed to grow stronger and larger yet the strength of the light did not hurt her eyes. " Warmest greetings to you, Aletheia! We are so glad that you came."

Just as she had almost forgotten the wizard, he made his presence known again, in a most remarkable way. He suck out the arm which held his wand, and which sometimes appeared like a flute, and there immediately followed the sound AND vision of the notes of a simple melody which had begun to emanate out of that indeed magical instrument. She recognized the melody right away and she begin to joyfully sing with the music...

Nice to be here hope you agree
Lying in the sun
Lovely weather must climb a tree
The show has just begun
All the leaves start swaying
To the breeze that's playing
On a thousand violins...
[Lyrics by Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues]

As she sang she could hear the insturmental accompanyment deepen and become increasingly richer. The wizard guided her through the brush to show her all the critters of the band ... there was jack rabbit thumping out the rythme and over there playing daffodil......

It certainly wasn't a mouse...In fact, the person playing daffodil looked a lot like John Lodge! And that frog playing a guitar with only one string...Could it be a prince in disguise?

Taking a deep breath, she walked over to the frog and planted a kiss on the top of it's head. Instantly, Justin appeared before her eyes! Aletheia clapped her hands with delight! But wait...Where was Graeme?....

And as she watched in childlike amazement, the wizard stood close beside her, whispering softly in her ear " Now that you know that you are your friends that you and me belong to the same world. Turn on to the same word...."

Aletheia awoke to the sound of her favorite band playing one of her favorite songs coming out of her clock radio which was following through with its intended purpose of waking its owner out of slumber, right at the exact time which the person desired so that he or she could increase the chances of getting somewhere on time. This was much appreciated, since she had a lot planned for the day and had been looking forward to it for a long time. The sound of Mike Pinder singing "Each day has its always...a look down life's hallways...doorways to lead you there" affected Aletheia on this occasion more so than she ever remembered a Moody Blues song doing before... ... ...

This was a story about Aletheia.
alêtheia is Greek for: truth, truthfulness
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