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The following is a letter which Doug (AKA: Gypsy) wrote to One-Step in January of 1999. It is a great way to relate how Gypsy and Jeanine came to meet, fall in love, and eventually marry.  We at One-Step wish Gypsy and Jeanine the very best of all that will make them happy! (George, OS Administrator)

Subject: A Very Happy OS New Year!
Date:Tue, 05 Jan 1999 13:33:50 -0600
From:  Doug Noyce <>
Organization:  IGFX Web Crafters
To:  "Step, One" <>

George Wrote:

  Happy New Year to OS all!

  For Your Information:

  One-Step had it's beginnings in early 1996. It was founded by Doug Noyce
  (a.k.a. Gypsy), who turned it over to me (an active member of this group
  and someone who had some ability to maintain web pages and the time to
  watch over the list.) earlier this year.

Gypsy wrote:

And a very fine job you are doing George!! Thanks!! :-))

  Gypsy wanted this group to have as its main focus, the philosophical nature of the
  lyrics/ideas of the Moody Blues and related subjects, in a friendly atmosphere, where people
  could feel free to express their views, without fear of being put down,
  while also having an opportunity to make friends with at least somewhat
  like-minded people <snip>

There have been many changes to OS in the past eight months since I turned over the helm of this great ship to George, and many new members, most of whom do not know me from Adam. So I would like to take the opportunity to give you all a short synopsis of the history of OS, according to Gypsy, at the risk of boring some of the longer standing members with redundant information.

On October 14,1994, I lost my beloved wife Gina to cancer. As a member of most of the MB forums online, including Prodigy, AOL, a-m-mb, and Lost Chords, I reached out desperately in search of that elusive "Light", to help me during my grief. Although I found many a sympathetic ear, I was disappointed in the bulk of what I found ("walking through that door, outside I came, nowhere at all....") that being FANatacism, flaming, cliques, and online 'politics'. I KNEW that there were MB lovers out there who had the same vision that I had, and so with some aid and encouragement from some of them (and I won't mention names like Sky Voice, Silverbird, Ruthie) I set out to begin a new idea in MB forums, and created 'One-Step Into the Light'. While the motivation for this creation was genuinely that of brotherhood and friendship, I will admit I had some 'selfish' agenda as well. Something inside me was crying out to find that 'one' person, to fill the void in my Soul left by the departure of Gina. And it had to be an MB person, someone 'in search of the lost chord' you could say...

In April of 1996, a new member signed onto OS. Her name was (still is) Jeanine ( responded to her personally, welcoming her, and prodding her to post to the list, the thoughts and feelings that prompted her to join OS. She soon joined us in posting, and chat sessions, and we shared personal email discussing wishes, hopes and dreams. I first met her face to face in November 1996, at Caesar's Palace, at the very first gathering of the OS Family. When I looked in her eyes, I somehow KNEW my life was about to change!

"Like the crashing of a wave
 On the shores of consciousness
 We're alive and we're awake to the world
 And with the gift of Love we're blessed..."

Though we spoke very little at that first meeting, I knew that I must get close to her. Over the next 7 months, we maintained a close email friendship that grew in leaps and bounds. We met again at the "OS/Blossomfest 97", and opened our hearts to each other, each expressing the love we felt for each other. It was then and there that both of our lives changed forever!

"In the twinkling of an eye
 Or the turning of a page
 Comes the moment when our time has arrived
 And we can never be the same..."

During the next 10 months, we were in constant contact, and met together several times, giving little or no thought to the 2000 miles that separated us, or the financial burden of closing that distance as often as we could, whether it was in Madison, WI, New Orleans, LA, or Tucson, AZ. Until finally I could not bear the distance, and with her blessing decided to close the gap between us, and move the 2000 miles from Az to Wisconsin, to be near her. This involved the turning over of the great OS ship to someone who cared enough to maintain it in it's now steeping tradition of Friendship, and Love. George was that someone, and so in April 1997, the helm was transferred, and I set out on my trek across the country to begin a new life. Jeanine flew out to Tucson to accompany me on the 4 day moving journey. And here I have been, living just a few blocks from her, and seeing each other regularly, weather permitting... (it is right now 13 below zero, with 12" of snow on the ground as I write this... definitely NOT Tucson....) and watching OS with interest, only this time as a "Blue Shadow" rather than an 'administrator' or 'Skipper' as I became known by my OS Family.

'Sooooo.... why is he telling us all this anyway' they ask?

Well, here is the scoop! I think OS has another first!
As of midnight 12/31/98 (or 1/1/99 if you prefer) the Lady Jeanine, aka 'Kea', has consented to become the wife of this old Gypsy!!

No date is set as yet, but there is a very strong likelihood that it will be June 12, 1999, exactly two years since our Moody meeting at Blossomfest. So unless someone else has met and married on One-Step, we have reached yet another pinnacle of Love!

"And all I know, is we're still climbing up that hill
 And all we need, to sustain us
 Is Love of Love, Light of Life
 And the Faith to know we can heal....
 Like .... Children of Paradise..."

Thank you for bearing with me, as I made this roundabout delivery... but I do that.. don't I? ;-)))

Thank you One-Step Family, collectively and individually, for helping me maintain that deep, inner glow that comes from taking "One step into the Light, one step away from night...."

(BTW, on Jan 16, OS will be 3 years old!! Happy Birthday OS!!!)

Wishing you all a One-drous New Year filled with...Love and Light

Deepest peace... all-ways

~Gypsy...  of a strange and distant time...

"And when by Fate we reach the Light
 We'll bathe ourselves in Love's delight
 And thank the Power for our part
 Then melt as One, with Love's pure heart"

~Kea's Song - jdn