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"And he saw the tree above him, and the stars, and the light, and the balance. And he saw magnificent perfection, whereon he thought of himself in balance, and he knew he was. And he understood. He understood himself. Upon this he saw that when he was of anger or knew hurt or felt fear, it was because he was not understanding, and he learned compassion. And with his eye of compassion he saw his enemies like unto himself, and he learned love. Then, he was answered."

In a sudden flash, I knew why I had come, and who I really was. I felt the wind die down around me then, and the light felt not so intense against my eyes.

"Are you sitting comfortably?" the Knight asked me. "Let Merlin cast his spell. Ride along the winds of time and see where we have been. It all unfolds before your eyes as Merlin casts his spell. The seven wonders of the world he'll lay before your feet. In far-off lands, on distant shores, so many friends to meet."

Four of the specters stepped back while the Magician stood before me, raised his arms and chanted an old familiar rune... "Hark listen here he comes... Turning, spinning, catherine wheeling, forever changing, there's no beginning... Speeding through a charcoal sky, observe the truth we cannot lie." Fairy dust fell from the ceiling in a blinding array of colors and covered the throne, the floor, and everyone inside in a warm blanket. I leaned back in repose...

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