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I turned and struggled to see through the whirling cyclone spinning around me, filling my vision with light. I saw the sun rising in full intensity to the top of the sky. I saw the grass grow and turn lush green. I saw the trees just outside the window grow oranges and I longed to eat one... I had not seen such teeming life since my journey to the other side with the Magician. Suddenly, the light around me became unbearable-- the light from the wind and the sun overloaded my mind-- I fainted backward-- and landed in a chair... a high-back chair of blue velvet trimmed with gems... a throne fit for a king... I fought my vertigo and tried to sit up. Then voices filled my head-- everywhere at once--

"Now you know that you are real. Now you know that you are free--"
"Freedom was ever and ever was never far--"
"Just open your mind and you will find the way it's always been--"
"It may be a fire but you've got to get it into your heart--"
"Just what you want to be you will be in the end."

I fell back into the throne-- I felt my head spinning and wheeling-- I couldn't stop the mental confusion-- I held my head in my hands in desperation. Suddenly, I heard movement all around me. Carefully I peeked through my fingers: five figures danced around me, hands clasped, a circle complete-- five fingers of one hand-- a team of fantasy:

the Gatekeeper
the Magician
the Jester
the Minstrel
and the White Knight

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