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He pulled down on the latch on the window and the two doors swung wide open-- a warm wind blew in around us-- "Open up the shutters on your windows. Unlock all the locks upon your doors. Brush away the cobwebs from your daydreams. Time waits for no one at all, no, not even you. Can you hear the spirit calling? You're already falling-- it's calling you back to face the music-- the one that it's calling is you." The wind grew stronger, banged the doors against the walls, and enveloped me in warmth and a strange glowing light. "Weep no more for treasures you've been searching for in vain. Trust your feelings, it's easy now. Understand the voice within and feel the changes already beginning. Rise, let us see you!"

He reached through the encircling wind, clasped my shoulders tightly. His eyes pierced through mine, searching deep within my soul-- and then he gasped and turned away. He had seen something. I know he had, I felt it too... Something was stirring within me... "What's happening to me?" I asked him. The wind had begun to make me dizzy.

"Rise, let us see you..." "I feel different, I'm not quite myself..." "Rise, let us see you..." I felt so lightheaded I thought I would fall. "Rise, let us see you. You will find your way. Listen, we're trying to find you. Wake up in the morning to yourself and leave this crazy life behind you. You know where to go. Listen, we think we can see you. Open your eyes and start to be you. Sing it, shout it, do it, don't doubt it. Open your head and look around you. Listen, we think we have found you." The Knight pointed outside the open window. "Dawning is the day..." His voice trailed off.

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