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I traveled days and nights-- I followed my heart, my conscience, and my inner light... They led me to the house of four doors, a grim hold beyond the green fields, with but one entrance, through a gilded gate. I feared the King might be imprisoned inside.

House of four doors
I could live there forever
House of four doors
Would it be there forever?

As I neared the gate, I saw a man, solitary, dressed in a gray tunic, on guard. He sat at a large piano that only looked like a piano and held keys that played an orchestra. A melancholy song emanated from the machine, many instruments, many voices of one at the same time.

"Lost in a lost world...," the guard sang. "Some of them are living an illusion, bounded by the darkness of their minds... I'm a melancholy man that's what I am, all the world surrounds me..." I drew closer, afraid to interrupt him. "I'm a very lonely man, doing what I can. All the world astounds me, you look around you, things they astound you..."

Suddenly, he stopped playing and stared at me. He looked perturbed. "I'm sorry to bother you," I said timidly. "I wish to gain passage into the house of four doors." The man guffawed, turned back to his keyboard, and continued to play.

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