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While he retuned his lute, I took the opportunity to speak to him. "Minstrel," I said as I walked up beside him, "You play beautiful music. Too beautiful for this lonely carnival." He laughed. "Thank you, friend," he said. "But you are much too kind." "Others must have commended you before. You really do deserve better than this." He gave me a long, hard look. "It is most unfortunate that this was the best I could find in the blue darkness." "I understand. The loss of the King has hurt everyone. But do not look so glum-- I am on a quest to find the King right now as we speak, and I promise you, as I have promised everyone, I will find him and restore the land to glory."

The Minstrel seemed to think a moment. "I once sought the King, long ago..." His curls lost their bounce as his voice faded and his eyes focused far away. He frowned. "Shadows of days hanging endless in time, slowly fading, passing us by... shadows of worlds disappearing from view. And while I'm traveling I hear so many words, meeting so many people who are trying to be free. People asking, 'What could we do? Where do I go from here?' I could tell you every answer that I know. It wouldn't be much though. It wouldn't be anything you didn't know. So if you want this world of yours to turn about you, and you're the only other person to know, don't tell me-- hold on to your own time, don't let go."

He suddenly turned to me and looked into my eyes. "It's a hard life. Never let yourself get down. You may never get back. You may never, ever turn it round... Through all that life can give to you, only true love will see you through. Hidden deep inside of you only, it's there for you to see-- take a look and be. Each breath that we breathe with love we must weave to make us as one-- so love everybody and make them your friends."

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