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Nancy's Amazing Discovery

I made an amazing discovery while visiting Stonehenge! A couple of hours after sundown, and after everyone had left, I slipped by the security guards and found a peaceful place to sit down to meditate at this historic place, hoping to gain some insight as to who or what created these giant rocks. I knew I would be in big trouble if I should be caught on these grounds in the middle of the night, but I felt compelled to stay, as if being called by a soft song. I soon found myself feeling very mystical and peaceful. My thoughts began to drift....

I must have fallen asleep, because I seemed to suddenly be awakened from a dream, and in front of me was the most wondrous sight.

Actual Retouched Photo

Something had happened to the night sky. It seemed to have texture as well as color. There were images on the giant rocks of the musicians that form the musical group that I love so much. Unbelievably, I had the sense to quickly reach for my camera and was able to snap this photograph. But this image you see before you now was not my only sensory experience. I could hear a symphony of numerous Moody Blues themes but they were contained in just one form. It was as if all of their songs were somehow condensed into one. For a brief moment I was transformed into rock, sky, music, and love.

Then, it was over and everything appeared like it was supposed to. I left the place, wondering if it had all been just my imagination and figuring the picture I took would reveal nothing out of the ordinary had really taken place. Apparently, however, something did happen. I always knew there was power in Moody Blues music, but I didn't know there were forces going on such as those I witnessed at Stonehenge.

{This experience never actually happened except in the imagination of Geo S., as he pondered Nancy's pictures of her trip to these ancient rocks.}